Lots of people start their acquaintanceship with the foreign languages from the vocabularies. The very first thing they see is the numbers of words, which are 200,000, 360,000 or more. Of course these numbers may get someone depressed, but the truth is much more pleasant - you just don’t need to know so many words to start understanding foreigners and to communicate with them.

Actually, most native speakers know only a some tiny portion of those numbers. Recently, scientists count that the average adult English-speaker knows something between 20,000-30,000 words. But that’s not all. Do you wanna know how many words and word groupings are mostly used for 75% of all English texts? Are you ready to hear that sweet truth?) It’s just about a 1,000!

It means that by learning 1,000 words anybody can get far in his/her ability to understand texts, to hear the language and to communicate. The same goes fair for most of all the languages.

What you need is a strategy (or discipline) and the right approach, you can learn faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined before.