Next tips will help you to get started and boost your foreign language vocabulary learning.

1. You need to know WHY YOU’RE DOING IT in the first place. It may sounds soooo obvious, but if you don’t have a good reason to start learning, most likely you’ll fail in the long run.

2. You need to FIND A PARTNER. Competition will push both of you to always try just a little bit harder and stay on the road.

3. When there’s one else to speak to, it’s not wrong to TALK TO YOURSELF. Practice, practice and, yeah, practice.

4. Try to LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You don’t like to make mistakes? You’re scared to talk with a foreigner? Just ACT AS A CHILD, there’s nothing to fear at all.

5. Take a funny way to practice your new language skills: write a poem, make a radio debut with a friend, become an Oscar winner etc. If you don’t have fun, most likely you don’t follow rule №4.

6. LISTEN. It’s essential to listen before you speak. At first the language may sound strange and difficult, but the more you understand, the better the communication part will be.

7. IT SHOULD BE RELEVANT TO YOU. Let’s just say that your goal is to become better in your communication skills, it’s essential that you won’t get lost in all those textbooks, if the goal is to speak, then speak, don’t be shy!

8. Different languages make different demands about your lips and throat, your tongue, gestures. Italian won’t be as effective as it is without its gesticulation, this why mental aspect as important as the physical one as well, if you intend to obtain proper pronunciation. This why we recommend to WATCH HOW PEOPLE COMMUNICATE.

9. FULL IMMERSION is critical, no matter what tools you’ve used to learn the language. It’s crucial to practice your new language and words everyday.